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Rent-Dock™ is an affordable online rent payment solution platform powered by First Data's secure payment network. Getting your account set up is fast and easy. Submit your application today to get started!



Manage and Collect rent from your Tenants that reside in residential units.  Tenants will no longer need to mail or stop by your office to pay rent. Tenants will enjoy the convenience of paying rent online.

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Collecting rent from your Multi-Unit tenants is now easier with Rent-Dock. Collect and Manage rent payments from each unit. Accept application and other fees from prospective or current tenants.

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Commercial tenants require a unique rent payment solution. Rent-Dock offers customized payment and enrollment options for commercial tenants. Please contact us for more information.

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Low Cost Model
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Pay Per Transaction

This pricing model allows Property Management Companies to operate at a low cost, your tenants will pay $1.00 per Rent Payment (transaction).  A low monthly fee will be applied depending on the number of tenants using the platform. Additional fees apply for online merchant account.

  • Low start-up cost and transaction fees.
  • Flat rate monthly fees.

Free for Tenants
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Custom Pricing

Custom pricing option is our On-Demand Pricing model based on tenant enrollment. Our sales team will assist your company to keep track of the enrollment process and set the pricing accordingly. Additional fees apply for online merchant account.     

  • Free for Tenants.
  • Monthly fee is based on tenant enrollment.

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